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Kafui “Sandy” Kounhunde

Coaching Client 

J.R. Harris

Virtual Artist & Entrepreneur 

Wendy Armour


TaShika Lewis 

Consultant Client (IT Training Professional)

"Attention job seekers! Are you looking to enhance your resume and stand out in a competitive job market? Look no further! I recently worked with NaKeesa to update my resume, and I was blown away by her attention to detail. Not only did she provide updates, but she also took the time to delve deeper into the context of my resume and ensure that I presented myself in the best possible light. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to make a lasting impression on potential employers. Don't let your resume hold you back - contact NaKeesa today!"

Sabrionna B 

Coaching Client (Entrepreneur)

"Nakeesa's coaching sessions were very helpful in bring my actions and mindset in alignment with both my long and short term goals. With her guidance i was able to clarify my vision as a young artist and create manageable goals that support things getting completed. As someone who can be a bit disorganized, creating these times gave me an opportunity to see what i could actually achieve without overwhelming myself or waiting to the last minute to do things. I highly recommend Nakeesa as a coach no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey because she has a wide array of knowledge that can help anyone focus in on their goals and be successful seeing them to fruition."

T. Jones

Coaching Client

"I've known Nakeesa for over 30 years. And to see her growth in becoming a self made entrepreneur is such a joy and honor. Her business has helped me with incredible ideas to enhance my small business as well as provide advice/recommendations and the restructuring of my resume to become a promising candidate in the hiring process for applicable employment.

I would definitely recommend Nakeesa Marie Enterprises as company to work with to enhance your business or help in starting a new business. If you're looking to grow in your professional career, Nakeesa Marie Enterprises will definitely get you to that next level. You will find that working along side Nakeesa Marie Enterprises is greatly beneficial."



"Nakeesa's creative ability to help guide young artists and new entrepreneurs in building their careers and businesses to successful goals, is her special talents.

I've maintained a successful business for many years, and I have to credit Nakeesa for her recent periodic guidance in helping me with setting up an organizational structure for my studio and an up-dated biography and resume'.


An example of her special skill of working with artists, is when I referred her to assist an artist friend of mine with preparing his biography and resume'. Her appointment with the artist included an in-depth interview with him and a viewing of his artwork. This allowed her to get a clear feeling of the artists' life and his art.


Nakeesa prepared an excellent biography indicating all of the artists' exhibitions, awards and special achievements. The artist was very pleased with the service she provided. It allowed him to confidently use his professionally prepared information to apply to to many art projects, calls for artists and artists presentations.


It didn't take long before he was accepted for several of these projects and programs to show his art.


He gives a big thanks to Nakeesa Marie Enterprises!"

Autumn Kegley


"NaKeesa has impressed me with her organizational skills and professional approach from our first interaction, when she introduced me to George Jennings artwork for representation at my gallery in Autumn's Framing & Gallery in Edmonds, WA. She provided representation for my artwork as well in the following years, and has connected me with great opportunities for show and sale of my work, tailored to my style and the demographics I connect with. NaKeesa is both an encouraging cheerleader, and a realistic businessperson who has helped guide my art career with grounded knowledge."

Mike Hines 


"On rare occasions in your life, you meet someone who redefines your world view. Nakeesa is one of those people. She is singular and exceptional in many ways. but her ability to take the love and passion of an artist and turn it into a viable path to business success is beyond anything else I've experienced in my 30 year history of being a professional artist. She is a force of nature in promotion and planning, and a sincere builder of community. Her passion for empowering Black success is at the core of her being, and she is an advocate of both the endeavor and the individual. You want NaKeesa in your life."

George Jennings

Artist Management Client (Artist)

"As an artist, I wanted my art to be seen and to make a career of making art. One of the most important things to me is having the time to create. I thought time was all I needed. Creating is just a portion of what is needed to have success. You also need someone who can manage other aspects, or bring needed strengths that you may not posses to the table. Nakeesa has been that person for me, by using her skills and talent in several ways. Such as, getting my artwork into several retail establishments, and publications and creating different formats in witch my art could be presented and promoted. Nakeesa has curated several of my art exhibitions, witch entailed, securing staffing, finding venues and promotion. Her work has lead to opportunities that I could not have achieved on my own. Not to mention the stress relief that this type of support brings. Nakeesa brings two other attributes to the table, honesty and integrity. Which are becoming a rare commodity."

Dr. Krystal Henderson


"Working with NaKeesa Frazier-Jennings was an absolute pleasure and a truly transformative experience. From the outset of our collaboration, it was evident that I was in the hands of a dedicated and exceptional professional. One of the standout qualities that NaKeesa possesses is her unwavering commitment to excellence. Not only did Nakeesa consistently offer support throughout the project, but she also went above and beyond by frequently following up and inquiring about the status of the work. This level of diligence and engagement was not only reassuring but also demonstrated a genuine investment in the success of the project.

Communication with NaKeesa was seamless and transparent. She kept me well-informed about the progress, sharing insights, and updates along the way. This level of transparency fostered a sense of collaboration and trust, which I believe is crucial in any creative partnership, especially for a statewide research project that has successfully informed a community reinvestment plan for $200,000,000. However, what truly sets NaKeesa apart is her remarkable ability to turn ordinary drafts into incredibly polished and refined final versions. Her keen eye for detail, mastery of language, and profound understanding of the nuances of the Community Reinvestment Plan research made a world of difference. The final drafts she provided were not just edited; she transformed into works of art, conveying community’s message with precision and eloquence.

But it's not just her professional prowess that makes NaKeesa exceptional; it's her warmth and genuine enthusiasm for the work. Her unwavering dedication and the personal touch she brought to every interaction made the process not only productive but enjoyable. It felt like I was working with a trusted friend who was as invested in my project's success as I was.

In conclusion, I can't speak highly enough about my experience working with NaKeesa. Her meticulous attention to detail, proactive communication, and ability to elevate our work to new heights has been invaluable. I wholeheartedly recommend NaKeesa to anyone seeking a dedicated, talented, and warm-hearted editor.I hope we can keep in touch!"

Chelsea Oguike


"Overall, my experience with Nakeesa Marie Enterprises, has been remarkable. Her consultancy has allowed me a clearer path in my journey as an artist. Prior to her services, I felt lost and overwhelmed with my place as an artist in Washington state. Since joining forces with NaKeesa, she has provided me with the tools and resources to produce my art in the most marketable, and efficient way possible. NaKeesa provides high-quality services to her customers. She is knowledgeable, responsive, honest, punctual, and an overall great communicator. It is not only a joy working with her but a great pleasure.

NaKeesa’s support to her customers, is parallel to her dedication to her craft. She fosters positive relationships with her customers. This makes it easy for me and so many others to continue to seek out her services and share her expertise with others. As a result of NaKeesa’s consultancy, I have sold my first two art pieces through my website as well have begun communication with several local businesses to begin selling my works at libraries, and local Black businesses within my area. I would without a doubt recommend NaKeesa to others who are seeking consultancy. To anyone who is seeking direction from an equally supportive and knowable source."

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