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Art Division

Nakeesa Marie Enterprises™ is providing exclusive artist representation to visual artist (and her husband) George Jennings.

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Listen in as NaKeesa shares how she helped her husband, George Jennings, grow his art practice into a business.

Samples of George’s Artwork

George Jennings

George Jennings is a fine art painter, best known for his portraits of women and children, who are not commonly centered in mainstream art. Formative close relationships with his grandmother, mother, and sister, have contributed greatly to his consistent focus on the diverse beauty of women.

His grandfather, the late visual artist, John N. Robinson (1912-1994) was his first art instructor and George went on to attend and is now an alum of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts (Washington, DC). After completing high school, he went on to serve in the U. S. Air Force and the U. S. Secret Service before moving to Seattle and being invited to be a guest instructor for both the Bellevue Art Museum, the Gage Academy of the Arts and the Northwest African American Museum.

Currently, he is working on a 40-piece portrait solo exhibit featuring paintings of Black women. He has primarily created his pieces using oil and acrylic, and in the last few years has transitioned his art practice to using his traditional art skills to create with modern, digital, tools.

His canvas is now glass, and his brush is now a digital pencil. There is no photo manipulation involved as he still creates a detailed under drawing of each piece and then he layers in colors to create the final product.

Youth Art Critiques

I am excited to join forces with my husband, George Jennings, Jr., a talented visual artist and art instructor, as we embark on an exciting collaboration to offer a unique and personalized youth art critique for budding artists. Our approach is all about positivity and encouragement, dedicated to celebrating each child’s artistic journey. Unleash the creative spirit of the young artists in your life with our Youth Artist Critiques! Tailored for visual art enthusiasts aged 5-12, a parent, grandparent, caretaker, etc. can opt for a digital critique via email or a tangible copy delivered through U.S. mail. Join us in championing and nurturing the imaginative minds of the next generation!

Parent Michelle Testimonial

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