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NaKeesa Marie Enterprises™ is a virtual consulting firm owned and operated by founder NaKeesa Marie and was created to partner with individuals and small business owners to create plans, define their goals, help them get organized and tell their stories.

Biography Writing Package 

  • (1) ​60–90-minute virtual interview

  • Creation of first draft

  • Up to 2 requests for editing of the first draft

  • Production of final draft

$250 (flat fee)

Writing in Notepad

Proofreading Services 

After a person looks at anything they’ve written for a long time, it is easy to overlook grammatical errors or read what has been written through the lens of “what you meant to say” verses what is actually written. This service provides a second set of eyes to proofread written material that has already been created and provide corrections and minor suggestions, if necessary. The following are examples of items that editing services would be appropriate for:

  • Artist Statements

  • Biographies

  • Website Content

  • Social Media Posts


Image by Clayton Robbins

Goal Setting Support

Having a dream or an idea is often the easy part however, in order to reach a dream or act on an idea, goal setting is the important next step in the process. This service is for anyone who would like someone to partner with them to brainstorm, help identify or solidify their goals. A virtual meeting will be held to discuss what dreams and ideas the client has. Together NaKeesa and the client will create a list of realistic goals that are clear and can be referenced until the time that each one is met.


Image by Markus Winkler

Plan and Timeline Creation

Once a list of goals has been created for a dream or idea, an actionable plan is the vital next step. This service is for anyone who would like someone to partner with them to help to create a plan to reach the goals that they have established as well as determining a realistic timeline or due date for each item.


CEO planning and prioritizing the quarte

Elevator Pitch

First impressions are very important especially when you want to share your business, body of work, expertise, etc. with the world or in many cases, with just one person or a small group of people. Having a solid elevator pitch will prepare you to share the important aspects about yourself, your business, idea, etc. in a clear, concise and memorable way. This service provides assistance to anyone who needs to create a 30 to 60 second “pitch”/elevator speech. In addition to creating the elevator speech, this service includes practice sessions with the goal of helping the client feel comfortable the next time they need to deliver it.


Image by Christina @

Coaching Package


In this package, Nakeesa will provide the client with the following:

(2) - Virtual 1-hour sessions (one session every other week)

(2) - Text or email messages to check in (one every other week on the opposite weeks of the virtual sessions to provide you with words of encouragement and to check in with you on your progress.

The client will choose one of the following services to focus on for a one-month period:


  • Goal Setting, Planning, and Timeline Creation

  • Elevator Pitch

  • Interview Prep

  • Workshop/Presentation Delivery

  • Organizational Management Support 

In this package, we will go on a deep dive into any of the above items than we are able to do for just the typical one-hour session per topic.

After you receive your initial one-month coaching package, should you want to work on another area, you can select a different service area to focus on for the next month.

Please set up a free, 15-minute initial consultation/discovery call to discuss what your needs are before making a request to work with Nakeesa as a coaching cli


Accountability Partner

image (1).png

Do you already have goals and maybe even a plan or plans to reach your goals but still need a little bit of support on your path to reaching the goals?

Do you have a project and all of the tools, resources, etc. to complete the project but need a little bit of support on your path to completing the project?

Is there anything else in your job seeking, entrepreneurial or life’s journey that you need a little bit of support to help you stay on track to move forward?

If any of these things apply to you or someone you know, an accountability partner might be the missing piece!
Starting in November 2023, Nakeesa Marie Enterprises™ is going to do a soft launch for our Accountability Partner service.

As a client for our Accountability Partner, you will receive the following:

  • One 30-minute, complimentary initial Zoom call to discuss your goal/goals.

  • One 15-minute Zoom call to check-in once per month to discuss progress/challenges and receive tips, recommendations, advice as appropriate for your particular goals.

  • One weekly text message to check-in (except for the week of your 15-minute Zoom call).



  • Each new customer must pay $100 (non-refundable) up front for the service and then $100 (non-refundable fee) per month after that. For months where there are 5 weeks in that month, clients must pay $125 for the additional text during that fifth week.

  • This is not coaching, it is accountability partnership. After the initial Zoom call, clients will receive a text message once per week to check-in and they must respond to that text message in order to continue as a client. If client does not respond to the accountability text within 48 hours, a follow-up text will be sent. If client does not respond to the follow-up text, their accountability service will be discontinued.

  • Clients will not receive traditional coaching services however, during the 15-minute monthly call, they may receive tips, recommendations, advice*, as appropriate for their particular goals.

  • Clients are expected to do the things necessary to work toward their goals on their own and will have Nakeesa Marie Enterprises™ as a support system for them as they move toward reaching  their goals.

*All advice, information, suggestions, recommendations provided by Nakeesa Marie Enterprises™ are for informational purposes only and is not legal advice.

$25.00/week (billed monthly)

Interview Prep

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Unlike an elevator pitch, an interview will allow (often a broad) audience to get to know you and hear about your work, practice, business, etc. on a deeper level. This service provides clients with mock interview sessions with the goal of helping to create standard answers to potential interview questions and/or helping the client feel comfortable the next time they are interviewed.


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